What is Galxe Coin? Galxe Guide 2024

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    An exciting era is beginning in the Web3 universe! Galxe stands out as one of the pioneers of Web3 platforms, attracting attention with the advantages and opportunities it offers to users to build communities!

    What is Galxe?

    Galxe, as a project supporting community building in the Web3 space, provides users with the opportunity to use their own infrastructures. Investors and users can establish their own communities through this identity infrastructure and invite existing Galxe users to their circles. Over 400 Web3 projects, including Arbitrum, are expanding their communities by organizing events through Galxe with more than 14 million users. Users earn profits through opportunities like airdrop events, contributing to the rapid growth of Galxe and its 4,000+ partners.

    What Makes the Galxe Project Unique?

    Galxe ID is a crucial protocol representing Web3 identity, playing a critical role in recording blockchain transactions. This protocol brings together user identity information for projects, providing access to blockchain transactions with user consent. Galxe ID is a significant tool in the Web3 world, serving as a solution that supports users in securely and effectively managing their digital assets.

    Galxe Passport represents the Decentralized IDs (DID) system within the Web3 ecosystem. It offers the ability to securely and anonymously store identity information, allowing sharing with Web3 identities in different applications. Additionally, to distinguish DID owners, wallets are assigned a “Galxe Passport Soulbound Token.” Through this token, Galxe Passport owners can gain the right to participate in special events organized by specific projects, unlocking unique opportunities.

    Galxe Web3 Score is a system that analyzes the user’s past wallet transactions to create a score. This score serves as a measure for users to easily participate in platform activities and take advantage of various benefits.

    Galxe Space is a dedicated area where projects create campaigns on the Galxe platform and offer rewards to users. In this space, projects can assign various tasks to users and track their progress.

    Galxe Smart Balance is a feature that represents your financial center in the ecosystem. It is a useful feature designed to streamline transactions, reduce transaction fees, and enable you to manage your assets from a single centralized point.

    What is Galaxy OAT?

    Galxe OAT (Outstanding Achievement Tokens), the digital records of activities within the ecosystem, are tokens of achievement. Galxe OAT allows for the organization of NFT campaigns and support for community members through Galxe’s NFT infrastructure and Web3 identity data network. Projects can create their own Spaces on Galxe, setting specific requirements and organizing events for users. Within the Galxe ecosystem, Galxe OATs are distributed through airdrop methods as rewards to engage with users and expand the ecosystem.

    What is GAL Token?

    Introduced on April 28, 2022, $GAL stands out as the governance token of the Galxe ecosystem. Launched through Binance Launchpool, GAL is used to reward users and serves as the primary payment tool within the ecosystem.

    • GAL tokens are utilized in voting and governance processes.
    • Fees for creating Spaces are paid with GAL tokens.
    • Developers using the platform’s infrastructure use GAL tokens to pay fee charges.
    • Developers pay transaction fees with GAL tokens for identity data queries.

    Thus, GAL token plays a crucial role as a decentralized digital asset that guides the Galxe ecosystem and is used in various transactions.